Baby Brain English
English language centers in China for babies and toddlers The business is in English language education in China. Over the years I have had several negotiations with industry leaders in China regarding my English language programs for very young children. I have developed 3 unique programs for babies, toddlers, and very young learners. Each program works, exceptionally well, if certain very specific techniques are followed. Several big players in China have tried and failed to make their own English program for babies 6 months old to 3 years old. I have met with most of them. So far I am the only person that has a program for babies that actually works. It is scientifically based and I guarantee you that I can prove to anyone, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a baby can learn a second language. I sat in a semi-circle of babies, 6 days a week, for nearly 3 years, testing and revising the techniques. The program is ready to be inserted into a franchise-based language center business model in China. Thank you, Dr. Cornell