A Jukebox App For Live Music Ready to take your performance to the next level? Let your audience become a part of the show from their mobile device. They can see a list of your songs, make requests, tip you with a credit card, and follow your social media accounts. From the stage, you can receive requests on any GPS enabled mobile device. It's EASY! Simply add your songs individually or from a list. Next, tell your audience to go to MySongList.com or they can download the MySongList App, then watch the requests and tips roll in. You'll even see the lyrics and chords to the songs requested instantly as the they come in. Easily add your own custom chords and lyrics to any song in your list. MySongList is location based, so people attending your performance can see your songlist and make requests. Online streaming mode allows you to take requests and get tips from people watching your stream from home.
Total raised: $27K