LifeAlert Amplified Facts behind the Concept: The Senior population is growing at an exponential rate CDC notes 10,000 people are turning 65 y/o everyday Seniors are spenders currently spending estimated $7.1 Trillion Dollars Seniors are spending more than $1.7 Trillion in Healthcare cost Our Solution: More Information with available with a NDA. SafeWatch is a Multifaceted wearable that decreases the time between incident and response in a way that is not currently seen on the market. We harness the power of technology to document and intervene in emergent, urgent, and routine activities of daily living. SafeWatch integrated platform not only aides in MANY activities of daily living but through intelligent design has a organizational and personal use platform that can add synergy to patient healthcare. Our Solution created by a Registered Nurse Executive in Senior Care seeks to bridge the gap between incident and response while adding prevention: Because Their Safety Matters