Natural Personal care & health We produce a range of natural & safe products for people experiencing nausea We have 2 brands designed for 2 separate markets: MYRTLE & MAUDE: Aimed at expectant mothers experiencing Morning Sickness MOTION MEDIC: Aimed at people troubled by Travel Sickness. The idea of Myrtle & Maude was triggered after Julia?s first season working in the super yacht industry. She saw a demand for nausea products after seeing guests suffer from seasickness, this spurred on the idea of researching travel sickness where she found very few natural products on the market. She started a sideline business ?MOTION MEDIC? and developed her own brand of Acupressure wristbands. Once the wristbands were on the market it was clear there was demand. She received emails, not only from customers enquiring about travel sickness, but from pregnant women suffering from morning sickness asking if the product could help relieve their symptoms. There was an increase in demand, which encouraged us to push the company on.