Yik Yak with a real use! Did you have a great meal that is worth sharing, spot a celebrity, see something intriguing on the street or experience a fun activity? These are all reasons to interact on the ROVE service! Only people within a particular mile radius of your post will be able to view and interact with it. Whether you?re a tourist or a local, you can see what?s going on around you in real time. ROVE doesn?t allow users to follow or friend another user. Instead, location brings users together to share experiences, good or bad. With a check-in and a selection of a category, you will be on your way to composing a post that can make it onto the ?hot? or ?not? lists. These two simple lists will show users information that is designed to make their lives easier and better. ROVE displays local knowledge and opinions with pictures, videos and check-ins.
Member count: 1-10