The PatientCare 'easy' Button MyPurpleFolder creates a universal digital healthcare "master key" that unlocks all patient portals by seamlessly integrating with all Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs), giving providers improved continuity of care, better outcomes and increased enterprise savings? AND WE DO THIS ALL WITHOUT HAVING TO STORE THE INFORMATION! (linktr.ee/kthomasdrake) Visual Medical Chart: Translating medical chart information into a user-friendly clickable 3D human body image, with gamified interactive features that serve as a built-in educational tool that increases the comprehension of the patient and their caregivers. Patients and Caregivers Increased awareness and compliance regarding a diagnosis and following a treatment plan, results in increased reimbursements and better outcomes for the Care Providers. EASY Healthcare Legal Docs: Helping you establish Advanced Directives, Medical Power of Attorney, Medical Information/Records Release(s). EASY Healthcare Transportation: Helping get you to and from any healthcare related appointments so you never have to worry about how you?re going to get there.
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