Facebook interests meets Groupon MyProjekts is the newest social network for local groups and the projekts they create. Whether people or brands, MyProjekts allows its users to initiate, discover and join projekts based on the interests they share with like-minded members of the community. What?s more, MyProjekts allows everyone to get in touch with the brands and businesses of their interest in order to make their dreams, ideas and projekts come to life. That?s because MyProjekts invites companies and brands to create their own projekts, to contribute to user and group projekts, to support interesting activities and to get involved through sponsorships and offers on products, equipment, training and even knowledge. In brief, MyProjekts groups people, brands and businesses by means of their common interests, helping to build win-win relationships through direct participation, mutual benefits and shared excitement. MyProjekts ? Anythink. Anywhen Closed beta version is now available.
Member count: 1-10