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Rear-docking phone case system Smart Link Case has unique structure that allows to connect(mount+charge+communicate) mobile device and peripherals together by direct contact metal tap on back of case. Advantage of Smart Link Case + Smart Link accessories are. 1. Car mount - Auto connect without cable 2. Bike mount - Music, Calling, Rear signal control and activity tracking without power supply 3. Sports armband - Universal mount and exterior button control with activity tracking system without power supply 4. Docking audio - Universal docking 5. Stand dock - Auto connect, Stand angle adjustment 6. Power bank - High speed and high efficiency wireless charging 7. Keyboard - Wireless + adjustable stand without power supply 8. Selfie stick - No paring, no cable, no clip connect 9. Wall charger - Universal wall charge without cable 10. Portable speaker - No pairing and exterior button control 11. Beam projector - Instant play 12. VR - Universal VR gear Most important thing is design of Smart Link Case is very cool.