App where parents can help build their child?s social circle & avail discounts & deals! Did you know? A study by the University of Chicago found that young babies can understand social relationships, especially friendship, before they can walk or talk! We know it?s hard/expensive raising a family- especially if you?re new to it! Our community helps you meet like-minded parents and build your child?s social circle. We also offer our personalised deals to help you in your journey of parenting. With more than 1.5 Billion parents globally and 350,000 children born every day* brands are always looking for ways to connect to parents- a prime marketing demographic, Play:Date is the platform to match brands to this in?nite market. In today?s competitive product & marketing world, every brand wants to reach every household, from FMCG brands to health care brands and beyond. Brands are spending millions of dollars every year to do this via PR, celebrities, digital marketing and advertising. We are keen to cut all of that and connect them straight to parents.
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