Pigeon Networks, Co.

Iot and Cloud tools to help protect kids, enrich lives, and make awesome Families want something worth sharing on social media and camps want to reach potential customers. Kids camps and families struggle to motivate kids and parents to act then create deep and meaningful experiences that make them want to spend more time together. Bonding for families, retention for camps. Safety and security is essential but, almost all camps and families have lost track of a child for a terrifying minute ? and some, forever. Campers wear Pigeon?s cool fitness band in and out of camp. They check in and out of camp by ?scanning? the band at any of the camp?s devices where staff verify pictures. Camps set goals, track progress, and give rewards to motivate campers through gamification. Achievements are shared with parents and family members via push notifications. Families buy bands, set their own goals and rewards, then share achievements via social media.
Member count: 1-10