Cellphone Holder (nothing like it exists) This is a completely original invention that is going to transform the way people carry their cell phones worldwide. MyPhonePouch? is an innovative, patent-pending, soft, stretchy pouch worn tucked over a snug waistband allowing users to easily carry their cell phone hands, pockets, and purse-free, with no belt required and no straps across their body. Superior to and ingeniously different from other phone holsters on the market, simply tuck MyPhonePouch over any garment that fits snugly at the waist and hips, such as yoga pants, leggings, sweats, jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, or pajamas. (or over a belt). With extra pockets, users can also carry small essentials like a credit card, an ID, a key, cash, or earbuds. Designed for women and girls whose garments often lack pockets, it can be worn by anyone who has a cell phone. It can also be used to carry a small medical device. MyPhonePouch is an affordable, useful, clever, practical and ingenious cell phone holder accessory.
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