Real-Time Comparative Crowdsourced Performance Feedback SaaS platform We improve organizational performance and culture with real-time people feedback and analytics. Ohos collects and provides real-time performance feedback from peers, leaders, employees, and clients and allows individuals to see how they are doing in comparison to their peers. It replaces the antiquated top-down performance review and supports ongoing conversations, continuous feedback, and matches those who need development most (bottom 25th percentile) with those who excel (top 10th percentile.) It's easy, it's real time, and it's meaningful. The unique advantage is how it helps companies distinguish between people who are great at their jobs versus people who should lead others, solving one of the biggest retention and succession planning problems (promoting the wrong people.) It gives individuals true visibility to how they are doing in comparison to their peers, and give leaders clarity on who are the rockstars and who are the rocks.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $180K