Whatsapp for business Notafy allows companies to send messages to their customer's mobile phones without incurring a per-message cost as the company would with a standard SMS. Companies can now send their customers unlimited mobile messages. Therefore the primary target audience is large organizations that send volumes of messages to their consumer base via SMS (the global company/application to consumer spend on SMS communication is set to reach $70 Billion per year by 2017 - therefore there is a huge need for a cost reduction in this area of business). The secondary target audience is the consumer. The reason why a consumer would want to install Notafy is that it puts the control of what type of messages they want to receive from business in their hands. They can switch messages types for certain companies on and off i.e. they may want to receive transactional interaction messages from their bank but not messages on advertising and marketing - consumers now have the power to control what they receive.