NeuroGym is a world leading brain research and product development company specializing in developing neuro-technology that helps individuals maximize their potential. We produce Neuro-Training systems, products and services that are proven to help reduce stress, fears and anxiety while re-training the brain to reach higher levels of focus, confidence, motivation and productivity. Using evidence-based scientific research, our cutting-edge programs have been documented to improve mental, emotional and physical performance in all areas of personal and professional life. Our clients also report a deeper spiritual connection when using our innovative brain training programs. By utilizing the latest research in brain plasticity and neuro-psychology, our audio and visually-based programs access deep levels of the subconscious mind to reduce doubts, fears, anxiety, procrastination, negative thinking and behaviors. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with evidence-based programs that work safely and effectively, producing powerful and measurable results.
Location: United States, California, Rancho Santa Fe
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 858-227-4971
Founded date: 2014

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