Myna Mahila Foundation
Empowering women in communities through entrepreneurship Myna creates a network of young female entrepreneurs by partnering with self-help groups in slums that produce and sell low cost high quality menstrual products to increase adoption of sanitary pads. We give women voice by empowering them to talk about the things they are most afraid to discuss aloud, such as menstrual hygiene. Myna is different from other organizations as: (1) It is a desi (local) brand for Indian women made by Indian women. Here, the consumers are its producers. Our pad packets are catered towards a consumer who wants high quality products at low cost. (2) We educate our women to get over the Period of Shame. With a stigma of women purchasing pad packets in shops or elsewhere, we deliver it to their door to prevent stigma and increase the usage of sanitary pads. (3) We are creating a network of Myna entrepreneurs. We not only provide a job for unemployed young women in slum communities, but also create a family where we take care of the girls professionally
Member count: 11-50