Storymatcher, from pro action learning
Every talent finds work with the right meaning Any company can hire people that are wanting to succeed in the exact same ways as the company needs it. All people around a vacant job can choose the success patterns that are relevant for them by choosing stories they want the new recruit to perform. Anyone can find work/training/coaching relevant for them. People identify stories that are meaningful to them, the story combination they have chosen does the rest. Meaningful work comes to them. The service is a combination of stories well listened to in the company, publishing them on a website, and inviting candidates to find meaningful work through that very same website. Candidates only see vacant jobs that are meaningful to them. Companies only present themselves to candidates they want to hire, because they fit the company cultures and ways of working. The algorithm behind measures the users' development levels. This allows multiple add-on solutions ranging from self-assessment for talent to online dating and match-making.