Katalyst of America

Mobile Point of Sales network for lease and rent Katalyst administers a network of leasable automated point of sales. Generate revenue 24/7 (365): Localized E-commerce Sales, Digital Signage, and Business Intelligence. The scalable and efficient network creates unattended businesses connected to retailers' e-commerce platforms. The individual nodes, called Money Trees, embed merchants' sales platforms and distribute the content to shopping pedestrians. Money trees are placed in convenient locations for user interaction. The large touchscreen makes the product irresistible for most millennials. Purchase: Retail SKU's, Professional Services, Instant E- Downloads and more deals. Once a transaction is completed the purchases are delivered via: E-download | Drop-ship program |Courier service | In-store pickup Units are Full Custom: All designs can be customized to meet the needs of the client and the aesthetics of the location.
Member count: 11-50