The one-stop shop for microgravity Our goal with mymicrogravity is to be a one-stop shop for microgravity and make the access to such an environment quicker, simpler and cheaper. All different platforms going from drop-towers to parabolic flights and the international space station can be found under one roof. Sub-orbital flights will come soon. In addition to a large portfolio of platforms, we have the largest portfolio of hardware providers with partners going from world leaders to new comers allowing to cover all the needs from standardized experiments (very cheap) to fully tailored ones. As we do not own hardware or platforms, we are the only ones to be able to look at the customer?s needs and to offer an unbiased solution adapted to them. We have no incentive to go for the more complex hardware or platform. Finally, we offer, when needed, various solutions for funding experiments going from crowd-funding to sponsoring or support by foundations or investment funds.