The Matchmaker for Mentors and Mentees We help Mentees and Mentors through the process of matching. As the education system(s) fail us to give us what we need regarding learning that applicable. We will need to go back to one on one relationships to get the learning we need and desire. MyMentor is catching that wave. We started out as a payment and booking gateway, however we have grown as an end to end solution for the business of mentoring. The baby boomer desires to leave a legacy and be re-engaged back into meaningful work and the millennial need their wisdom to avoid many pitfalls. The business of mentoring helps the plus 50's of the world with a robot, recession and age proof business solution. They are overqualified for most jobs already, but many of their stories are invaluable to us, and they can be reinvented via our platform. Their stories and investment into mentees will live on and they will be paid well. In short, we make it quick and easy for would be mentors to get into the business of mentoring.