Membership Model for Physical Movie Theaters Customers can watch unlimited, brand new, major studio movies in the movie theater for a flat monthly fee. Movie Hero theaters convert to be member only theaters. Much like with Netflix, users can not pay for a single show, with Movie Hero theaters patrons have to become a member and then get unlimited access. The concept was piloted at one location for a year and Movie Heroes is now expanding. We have four locations in Northern California and have over 50 theaters interested in licensing the system. Movie Heroes system is the only membership model that has been approved (with restrictions) by all major and minor studios. We have over 7,500 members across the four locations. Members watch movies at a rate eight times the national average and tell us they love it and cancel their Netflix and stopped going to Red Box because they have seen every movie they thought was interesting the way it was meant to be seen, on the big screen, right when it was released.
Member count: 1-10