Guiding people through their fitness journey with the FitCapsule exercise form tracker The FitCapsule captures 3D range of motion data to guide people through their fitness journey by improving their form and providing personalized workout programs. The FitCapsule is the first portable exercise form tracker designed to deliver a new sense of confidence in the gym. People begin their fitness journey with a great understanding of what they want, with little understanding of how to get there. The FitCapsule's design is for positive accountability to kickstart your fitness journey with guidance that directs your enthusiasm towards your fitness goals. Just like when your arm feels the air resistance outside of a car window, the FitCapsule feels air resistance in motion with a much greater sensitivity. The FitCapsule then collects direction, distance, velocity and position data to track the quality of every rep performed your workout. As you might see in our photos, the FitCapsule mimics the movements of the user to effectively communicate form issues and solutions while creating an ultra-gamified experience that keeps users excited about their achieving their fitness goals!
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