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Morta digitises and automatically enforces construction rules. Construction management teams rely on paper documents that define project rules. They spend over 50% of their time manually enforcing these rules and logging events. Paper-based processes are prone to human error, often resulting in delays and waste. Morta digitises construction rules. Our first product is aimed at design management. Managers define machine-readable rules on a web-based interface. Morta automatically enforces these rules and logs all events. By eliminating time, cost, and error from these processes, Morta has captured the interest of five leading engineering firms. Mohammad Shana’a (CEO) spent five years leading digitisation efforts with the largest contractor in the Middle East. He focused on setting best practices for information management and led partnerships with technology startups (e.g. robotics, IoT). He has an MPhil in Engineering from Cambridge. Matthew Morrison (CTO) spent the last two years developing cutting edge applications and has an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial College London. He previously worked for more than five years in Investment banking and Asset Management, with a focus on Technology.

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