Moneytis (YCombinator W17)
the cheapest way to send money between 2 countries MONEYTIS ? Money transfer is simple International transfer is one of those old industries that almost didn?t improve since the internet was created. Sending money abroad is still really complex. At Moneytis, we have been expatriated for 6 years and it?s always the same question: how can we transfer our money and get the best deal? There are so many solutions, so many we can not trust, and not one with a worldwide presence. And it is crazy expensive! Companies and banks hide their fees, particularly in the exchange rate, and take on average 50? out of every 1000 you send! That is more than 34 billions that goes into their pocket every year. We needed a transparent solution, so we created Moneytis (Money Transfer Is Simple) to fix this, the booking,com/kayak,com of money transfer, the single place to compare and use the best money transfer offers from all providers. It takes a couple of clicks and you are sure to find the cheapest, the fastest and the easiest service.
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