Compare costs sending crypto, bank, or money transfer remittances You use SkyScanner for flights, TripAdvisor for your hotel, and soon Money.Style for sending money overseas. Remittances are a $550B industry, and people currently accept fees of 5 - 10% eroding their money. Money.Style changes remittance, for the first time providing visitors an unbiased comparison of money transfer fees, services, and speed, from our comprehensive database. Money.Style compares banks, money transfer operators, and even Bitcoin exchanges, breaking down your options by: - Price (including listing all fees and charges) - Speed - Locations - Volume - Amount of verification required - Sending payment type (EFT, Cash, Bank Transfer etc.) - Receiving payment type The data is (almost) live, with rates updated on average every few minutes, Money.Style will be a one-stop shop for getting your perfect remittance provider.
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