The Social Wallet Moneero is The Social Wallet. Payments are not about checkout, but about communication, coordination, and engagement. Create and join groups to split expenses, get rewards and give back. Send to any phone number, scan to pay and load money with cash, card or bank account. The hurdles to create a successful mobile wallet are onboarding merchants and getting financial licenses for each jurisdiction. Our technology is so persuasive that we've been able to onboard big international brands and small local merchants to do a pilot, in just 5 weeks. ?If we add Moneero to our Mastercard, it becomes so much more sexy that we will acquire double or triple the amount of clients this year? - Alfredo Bruce, CEO of ECONSTAR S.A. (issuer of PREX Mastercard Debit) Moneero was founded by entrepreneurs who've built several file-sharing, micropayments, and Bitcoin companies, including FileDonkey and Dialcoin, an exchange that sold bitcoin through SMS.
Member count: 11-50
Phone: 3508565
Total raised: $440K