The Ecosystem Application Platform What RDBMS such as MySQL were for computing silos in the industrial age, blockchains are for networks in the information age. Eris is a blockchain application platform which makes it trivially easy to build, test, install, and run blockchain backed applications. These can be developed with either Eris' smart contract engines or with user-built engines that sit on top of our open-source blockchain application creation and management system: Eris. Eris Industries maintains an enterprise-capable blockchain database layer and also offers a host of value-added services atop it such as training, hosted instances, support, and application-layer functionality. Eris Industries already works with some of the world's best companies, ranging from bulge bracket banks, to startups, to insurers. Blockchains and smart contracts will revolutionise the way businesses communicate and transact. And Eris is the definitive enterprise blockchain and smart contract platform.
Total raised: $1.3M