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Being a man has never been so complicated, being a Modrn Man is simple. The company was founded to bring simplicity and efficiency in the men’s skin care market. We are dedicated to keeping the human race alive by making men look their best, increasing their confidence and leading healthy lives. We only take men’s personal care and health seriously, not ourselves. A sense of humor is what keeps our sanity. We are for every man who want effective and efficient products to step up their game. We are bringing this to the entire nation, black, white, red, brown, feel the vibration. Does a Modrn Man look good? Hell, yes! Does he care about his health? Darn straight! Does a Modrn Man have to throw his inspirational beauty and coolness in people’s faces, like a hipster wearing a banana hammock at a public pool? Heck, no! We shun the traditional beauty facade and instead make men laugh, learn a few things and not be ashamed to care about how they look, feel, and who they are. We constantly push the envelope, but we still believe that a man’s word and handshake is something sacred. Integrity is behind everything we do. A man’s legacy is created through a lifetime of choices, Modrn Man’s legacy will be defined by efficiency, humor, integrity and humility.
Location: United States, California, San Diego
Employees: 1-10
Phone: +1 619-736-1298
Founded date: 2016