Modern Brands wants to modernize your pre-production process. Design and development should take minutes... not weeks. Select from production ready Style Blocks and go from concept to production in 90% less time than a traditional design process! Fashion trends may be new every season, but have you noticed that the same things are always created? The fact is most brands are typically designing into silhouettes that exist in the market already. For example: A denim jacket is a standard item that a brand might want to offer. To “design” this jacket, a brand would probably use a market sample as “inspiration” and differentiate their design by changing the fabric color, wash, trims, labeling etc. At Modern Brands, we created our trend-driven Style blocks to simplify the pre-production process and free up time/budget to focus on what really makes the garment: the BRANDING, the FABRIC, COLOR, and the DETAILS. Style Blocks are standard silhouettes that have all of the needed physical and digital elements finished…giving you the head start you need to get to market fast. All of our Style Blocks offer the following: •Pre-Developed and Fit Approved. All sketches, tech-packs, graded patterns, and the 3D files are ready to go. If you want changes to align with your standards, we make it easy to request edits in our platform with just a few clicks. •Complete Designs that are Pre-Merchandised. Stay on top of the latest trends with our monthly style, fabric and trim updates. We put in the research so you can just select your favorites and go! •Pre-Sourced and Pre-Costed. All fabric and trim options are pre-matched to the country selected for production to minimize carbon footprint and save your budget. We have set pricing options from 1 to 1,000 pieces, and NO MINIMUMS. Sign up for a Modern Brands Membership to access the newest style blocks, our design studio services, and our monthly trend reports. Build your brand, your way.
Location: United States, California, Los Angeles
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2017