P2P Creative Economy (Cloud Kitchens) for Vegan Chefs We open Business'-in-a-Box (Cloud Kitchens) for our MC's (vegan chefs) and help them create, cook and sell seasonal vegan takeout dishes of their choosing. On our platform each MC is their own mini restaurant/brand. If you're a vegan chef, you may not have too many restaurant options in your area. Standard brick and mortar restaurants carry a lot of costs and hierarchical pressure. What's more, they usually only hire one or two permanent chefs. This leaves little room for menu diversification and creativity. There are so many talented chefs cooking vegan food; they just need the right environment and platform to grow. Mobile Cooks is a central hub for everything pop-up eating. We handle all of the equipment and space rentals, as well as all marketing and event promotion. Our model allows vegan chefs to pop up for days, weeks, or months so they can experiment with new flavors and build their own brand and customer following. We are negotiating a lease at 380 Western Ave Brighton, MA to open MC Cloud Kitchen where consumers order dishes from individual cooks (peer-to-peer) (pickup or delivery). The cooks will work as a team to offer a varied menu, however each cook strives to sell out of their dish daily as they will be directly incentivized based on their sales. We charge the MC's (vegan chefs) a sales % commission for our services.
Member count: 1-10