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Mobile encyclopedia for public health in Africa - heathIT, mhealth and mobile innovation M-AFYA is the first Swahili USSD application in Africa using internet-free mobile technology to provide basic health information to Swahili speaking countries in East Africa starting with Tanzania. M stands for mobile and AFYA means health in Swahili - the most spoken language in Africa. We are working to overcome the digital divide and disrupt the African market: There is a gap between demographics and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology and those that don't or have only restricted access - services like telephone, television, personal computers and the Internet. This prevents distribution of essential information and knowledge to those who need it most especially in the public health sector, resulting in unnecessary suffering and deaths from easily preventable diseases and conditions. Our goal is to not only provide information but also use artificial intelligence to connect users with health care providers using USSD keyword commands.
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