smart garden solutions viRaCube works with 3 components: a Hub, valves and sensors * Fully automatically * Wireless / via radio * Solar powered / without batteries * Made in the EU / Austria The sensor measures the current conditions of your plants, like soil moisture, brightness, temperature and humidity. These values are necessary for the Cube to determine the necessity of water supply. Based on this information and our patent pending algorithm, the Cube automatically starts or stops the irrigation, without any interactions from your side. It automatically adapts to the weather conditions. Even if it is hot like in the desert or raining all the time, the valve provides the optimal regulation of water supply. Sustainability represents one of the essential factors of viRaCube, therefore all outdoor installations are powered by solar energy. Thus viRaCube contributes to avoid battery waste. viRaCube brings smart home into your own garden and automates your garden watering system.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $45K