We want to do what BITCOIN could not, making our cryptocurrency have usability on a daily "We are a Startup focused on creating solutions that facilitate the daily life of the user, we create a Virtual Society (Social Network) and within our Ecosystem, we provide an integrated platform with various types of products and services. In our Virtual Society (Social Network) we create, offer and use banking services and a cryptocurrency of our own and in this regard, we want to be able to do what BITCOIN could not, changing the "status quo", making our cryptocurrency have usability on a daily basis and is not used only as an investment. It can even be converted to local currency (Real, Dollar, Euro, etc., according to the country of use of our application), through the bank account we provide and be used for payments, transfers, investments or cashout in any ATM (ATM Terminal) in the world, without charging the exorbitant fees that Exchanges charge. This process takes place in a transparent and automated way, after all, our intention is to facilitate the day to day. schedule a haircut, hire a cleaning lady, buy a notebook, buy a Windows 10 license from Office, in short, there are numerous features. In addition, we have our Rewards Plan, which provides the user with the cryptocurrency as a reward for each product purchased or service contracted through a CASHBACK and also rewards it when it indicates to us, receiving a percentage of each product purchased or contracted service of its nominees, encouraging it to bring new users to the base, providing us with a CAC at a very low cost and a very high LTV, because to maintain the benefit, the user needs to comply with some minimum usage requirements of our products and services. We've perfected MMN, asked for strong patents to protect our business models, technologies and methods. We study the patents of our competitors, we create our patent applications, taking every care to prepare our extremely strong and generic applications, protecting our project and the capital contribution of future investors."
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +55 21 4042-4345