we are an international art academy dedicate exchange ts concepts and show artists works Mithogenia Unipessoal lda, a small-medium cultural enterprise ith these proects 1? organize and support exhibitions and cultural shows where the new s technologies, itinerant and multidisciplinary will be evident on the projects to support; 2? Be an services enterprise on the art business with a creation of a bourses teachers of various kinds of arts and have as destination the Community Support Service; Professional teaching in the arts and e-learning 3? Have a Community Support Service, serving artistic support to the entities of social solidarity or private associations of public Interests which works with children?s /teenagers. Pretends, offer classes in the most different of disciplines of arts and at the different regions where she has been implanted celebrating protocol/contracts between the parts and by a project presented for the institutions. 4? Make an International Academy of Arts concerned on the New Technologies
Member count: 1-10
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