Mission Control GG

Mission Control GG

Mission Control exists to gather and grow community through the recreational play of video games with our B2B Gaming Community Engagement Platform. For players, it is a mobile app where gamers can join recreational gaming leagues, similar to their local adult softball league or college intramurals — but with video games. Gamers join leagues hosted by organizations like local parks departments, college recreation departments, LAN Centers, or other groups. Mission Control manages the league schedule, validates scores, and determines the champion while also serving as a forum for league members and friends. On the other side, organizations use Mission Control to gather their community, host leagues of various game titles, and manage their esports operations. Mission Control is a great tool for organizations to expand their recreational offerings, create new revenue streams, and learn more about their community.
Location: United States, Missouri, Saint Louis
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $1.75M
Founded date: 2018

Investors 2

Funding Rounds 1

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