Turn contacts into customers Minutemailer is an easy to use, all-in-one tool for managing your contacts and activating them by sending beautiful newsletters and emails. Thousands of businesses have sent millions of emails using Minutemailer since we started. Minutemailer was founded 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden and is 100% owned by the team and profitable. It all began when the founder of Minutemailer, Oskar, started freelancing and wanted to update his professional network with what he was working on and how he could help people out. Sending emails was the perfect way of keeping his contacts up to speed. The options for email and CRM platforms out there were either too time consuming, complicated or feature heavy. As there must be more people in the same situation he figured there was a need for something better. A solution that was quick to use, powerful in an easy to use package and not packed with features that weren?t needed. That?s how Minutemailer started. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to manage and activate their contacts. Enabling businesses to work more efficiently with their customer contacts and be able to spend more time on their core business. We think Minutemailer can make a huge difference for your business life.
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