Marketing Attribution Alternative Mint Measure helps advertisers understand media delivery holistically and reduce media waste. Mint analyzes the campaign delivery to provide clear, actionable ways to optimize the campaign, focusing on each vendor's unique contribution to the campaign. Small to mid sized advertisers and agencies (spending under $30MM/year) have very limited options for marketing attribution and advanced analytics. Adservers provide limited metric reporting, and the next available option has been expensive multi-touch attribution tools, until Mint Measure. Unlike attribution tools, Mint Measure provides deterministic analysis of delivered media to garner insights and inform budget allocations. Mint currently offers 2 suites of visual analytics - Spearmint (the Auditor) and Peppermint (the Optimizer). Clean, easy to read visual analytics pair with strategic observations to deliver the information in a digestable and actionable format. Product extensions include: - Audience manager; sends audiences between DSPs or platforms - Audience analysis; deep dive into attributes of converters - Outcome based measurement; brand lift, foot traffic, TV tune-in (partnerships required)
Member count: 1-10