We build a distributed computation infrastructure that?ll drive the economy to the future The network of Mineunit devices is building a bridge between the end users and high performance computing. It benefits users with additional income stream from one side, and businesses as well as governments with cost effective, scalable, low latency computing resources from the other. Mineunit seems like a simple device to the end user: plug it in, press a button and enjoy monitoring earnings that can be transferred to a debit card. For business users it's a PaaS solution with an easy-to-use API that you can connect to get the whole power of Mineunit?s distributed network. The workflow is as transparent as using any current cloud solution, but with many more features and better pricing. Overall, we are making a global fog computing infrastructure where everyone wins: From cryptocurrency mining algorithms to early stage drug discovery and climate prediction. As a result, our universal platform is going to solve the problems humanity faces today.
Member count: 1-10