The future of safety training, starting with active shooter response in VR At MindGlow, we are creating the future of safety training for the workplace?starting with active shooter response. Our VR training tool is for trainers to enhance their students? experience when teaching workplace violence, and safety. We created an Active Shooter Response training tool for trainers to enhance their students? experience. Trainers will present them with a VR headset where they go through activities and simulations such as the Run-Hide-Fight method, listening drills with firearm sounds, and evacuation in workplace environments. Currently, the product is optimized for the Oculus Go standalone device and we will be building it for Oculus Quest to provide a 6DOF experience with more interactivity. The product roadmap includes the following: 1. Create school, hospital, and store versions. 2. Create more VR safety training such as fire safety and first aid. 3. Admin dashboard with user insights and analytics using AI/ML. 4. Integration to Learning Management Systems.
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