Michael Raymond

Glint Side Table. A truly unique and elegant piece of geometrically inspired furniture with a stunning mirrored metallic surface. Glint comes complete with a vessel for displaying your favourite bouquet of flowers or for serving your best-loved champagne. For use anytime of the day, indoors or outdoors. Each piece comes signed and individually numbered by Michael along with a hand written note. Fabricated from 95% recycled type 304 stainless steel, the elements are first cut by waterjet and then handcrafted together piece by piece. It is then masterfully buffed to a perfect mirror finish on every single surface. Hidden logo detail underneath the removable lid and vessel. Includes removable vessel for flowers | champagne | you choose TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: H 45.2cm L 71.2cmMain tray dia.35cm Small tray dia.23.3cmWeight: 10.6kg Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel type 304.
Member count: 1-10