Micappital automated savings and investments manager in Spain We offer Financial Advice to our target costumer: young working people without enough time or knowledge to make adequate investment decisions, we aim to be as accessible as possible, with a minimum investment of only 1000 eur. Our advisory process it carried out through our website/app. This is done through an algorithm-driven process which selects the most optimal investment product tailored to each individual situation. We strongly believe financial advisory services should be available to everyone, in order to ensure optimal and safe investment and savings goals. Through our platform we are able to build bespoke savings and investment plans for our clients, by establishing direct relationship with their personal bank and incorporating their offering platform in our services. Our service is offered in all major Spanish commercial Banks, enabling an accessible and easy way for clients to obtain optimal advisory services without moving their money from the bank.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1M