Mammoth Hunters
Online physical trainer based on the PaleoTraining method Modern lifestyle does not allow proper physical activity or a healthy diet. This is the #4 cause of death worldwide and causes chronic diseases in 50% of the population.. People have various reasons that prevent them from exercising regularly and eating well. 1) Busy lifestyles allow very little time 2) Expensive gyms, personal trainers and nutritionists 3) Lack of proper guidance 4) Lack of Motivation Mammoth Hunters addresses all these issues by providing a complete personal trainer and nutritionist on your phone. We have a team of personal trainers and expert nutritionists who have carefully created exercise routines and meal plans that adapt to the users physiology and objectives. - Fully video-guided workouts that can be done in < 15 minutes without any equipment. - Recipes that cover dietary needs of the users based on their body type and activity - "Tribes" a feature that lets users create workout groups and poke, like and chat with each other to to workout regularly.
Member count: 1-10