Mhellow Growth Lda.
Passionate, innovative and sustainable Portuguese cultivator of GMP cannabis flowers Mhellow Growth aims to cultivate premium quality EU-GMP certified medicinal cannabis with a team that combines German, Portuguese and Canadian business experience with Californian know-how, in a team composed of two MBAs and an experienced grower. We have spent the past year building a network of the most reputable experts for the regulatory, pharmaceutical and agricultural aspects of the business in Portugal, as well as forging partnerships with universities, suppliers and clients worldwide. Very favorable factor conditions in Portugal allow for significantly cheaper production as opposed to Canada, the Netherlands, Germany or Denmark, while offering the highest standards and reliability of a mature and regulated pharmaceutical industry as opposed to Macedonia or Malta. The core founder?s team is passionate about customer satisfaction, and are environmentally minded into cultivating sustainably. We also envision to promote an open dialogue, innovative research and education around the cannabis plant while our expertise and quality standards ensure that we will be a credible and reliable partner to our stakeholders. We pursue a modular approach, only building capacity for the volume we predict to sell, with the flexibility to upgrade alongside rising demand. We keep our fixed costs in check and while an EU-GMP indoor facility is still mandatory in to-date?s legislation, we have put a strong focus on energy efficiency, and intend to leverage on the ideal climate and soil in Portugal to complement our production with outdoor cannabis. In Portugal, EBITDA margins of 70% can be observed across local cultivators, and Mhellow?s world-class management team will ensure its profitability in a maturing, more price competitive environment in the future, by foreseeing to vertically integrate parts of the value chain and also diversity into other high-end price and innovative cannabis infused products.
Member count: 1-10