App Store Optimization and KPI Tracking Unlock the mystery of your ASO performance - Metrikal is a one-stop-shop for app marketing reporting and analytics. Visualize and quantify the true impact of your ASO efforts in one place. Revisit your apps historical data to make better future decisions. ? Consolidate ASO KPIs - Metrikal connects and pulls data from App Store Connect, Apple Search Ads, Google Play Developer Console, and Mobile Action. We gather all the important KPIs you need and present it on a one app dashboard. ? Connect the dots between ASO and Apple Search Ads - Metrikal visualizes and quantifies the relationship between App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads on a keyword-level. Know how your paid advertising impacts your organic rankings and installs and vice versa. ? Improve ASO tracking - Don't lose track of ASO changes and campaigns when they go live. Metrikal tracks changes and how they affect keyword rankings and installs.
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