On demand access to Spiritual Counseling, Alternative Wellness, Metaphysical, Life Coach, MetaPsychic Network is a network of Spiritual, Psychic and Alternative Wellness advisers that helps customers connect remotely with an authentic service provider that fits their needs. Today in the Alternative Wellness industry there happens to be a complete lack of legitimate "psychics" that are actually in this business to help people. To most, it's a gimmick, and to me that's upsetting.The use of hotlines that don't have standards on who they let counsel people, they overcharging at 3.99+/min and don't produce results. We offer sessions that can be booked on demand, in advance and operates as a traditional counseling or therapy practice. Sessions online, in app, video chat, phone or in person. Customers have as much time as they need, they pay less and are actually getting the service requested. We have a network of expertly vetted individuals with expertise in the fields of Psychology, Human Development, Astology, Mindfullness etc., while possessing real metaphysical gifts.
Member count: 51-200