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MailControl.net is a Chicago-based B2B SaaS startup providing next generation email control for our enterprise customers. Our technology platform sits on top of email servers, thus yielding comprehensive coverage for every single inbound and outbound email for an enterprise. This unique positioning is technologically complicated to develop, but permits significantly more robust and versatile benefits than traditional service providers that operate on the front end through email client plugins or browser extensions. It also means that a one-time, 30-minute onboarding video call immediately activates service for an entire organization without requiring any action from individual end users, a feature unique to us. Our current release offers benefits in visibility (email open and click tracking for recipients), productivity (CRM automation), and security (blocking external tracking pixels and data loss prevention). Future releases will also introduce additional benefits in analytics, optimization, archiving, and compliance automation. Our solution is attractive across industries and functions for all who rely heavily on email for internal and external messaging, and is particularly beneficial for sales teams and internal compliance/legal teams. As the de facto standard for business communications, email remains as the single most indispensable channel of internal and external messaging, and is not going anywhere in the near or medium term. At the same time, we recognize that email as it exists today carries significant limitations and risks. Our solution bridges this gap to bring email into the 21st century.
Location: United States, Illinois, Chicago
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 312-674-7992
Founded date: 2015

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