You may not know, but you are surrounded by activated carbons. They determine your user experience duration of batteries in your cell phones and cars, and quality of the water you drink and air you breathe. However, those in the market are unfit for these applications, which results in poor performance and low efficency. This is because their manufacturing and design rely on 75-year old technology. Mesotope is changing that. We use chemistry to bridge innovation, efficiency, and activated carbons resulting in up to 300% higher efficiencies across multiple applications: from water treatment to energy storage. Gordana Ilic completed her PhD in chemistry at NTU. She has 7 years of research experience and 5-peer reviewed publications in chemical synthesis and water treatment. A scholar of 4 universities in 3 continents, internationally-awarded scientist, and a “Top change-maker of 2012”, as named by World Learning. Akshay Jain holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from NUS and he is a specialist in activated carbon technology with over 8 years of experience. He has produced more than 250 different types of activated carbons. He published a patent and 15 high impact peer reviewed journals with more than 1000 citations.

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