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Waze for Cleaners In the world of commercial property management, there is no source of actionable data for multi-million dollar actions such as cleaning contract renewal, supply contracts, and more. On top of this, commercial cleaning teams are notoriously difficult to manage, having varying levels of training and often being difficult to communicate with. Further, property management companies are wasting money in unnecessary labour costs, with over 60% of a cleaners time spent doing ?busy work? like making manual dispenser checks. Mero?s solution solves these problems by offering real-time data analytics into a commercial restroom with the IoT. Mero?s sensors retrofits into any building?s liquid and paper dispensers, providing granular supply data as well as measuring restroom traffic levels. The result is a powerful solution that allows property managers a streamlined solution for all of their building needs, giving them a one-stop shop for all of their maintenance concerns.
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