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What we’re doing. Based in Los Angeles, Menikmati is a nomadic digital strategy group with a think differently and results-driven culture. We’re helping create more visibility between technology delivery and performance based brand marketing. Our approach entails the smarts you’d expect from a traditional consulting firm with the creative execution you’d expect from an agency. Why we’re doing it. The gap between having a technology strategy and marketing strategy is slowly closing. Successful brands are manifested by a series of connected – and often disconnected – experiences a consumer has with a business across many channels. Our clients come to us to help solve this disconnect by streamlining the connectivity in marketing/creative, technology and business. The integration of purposeful branding, performance tactics, and content expertise with strategic technology services makes us a more valuable partner to our clients. How we’re doing it. We think about marketing holistically where dialogue is established across touchpoints. This thought fundamentally puts human-centered design at the forefront. We’re always aiming to design and create the best-in-class digital experience for our clients. These experiences should serve and exceed consumer expectations while also building brand loyalty. We’re heavily guided by a philosophy comprised of looping principles: vision, strategy, design, execution, and feedback. We see your brand and business as a universe. We make sure our solutions come from this universe by connecting the dots to craft a seamless story across all the touchpoints of your brand.
Location: United States, California, Los Angeles
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2017