Create your own private social network Meneighbour is a create-your-own-private-network style neighborhood social network, where one can: ? Connect and socialize with friends and neighbours personally known ? Share a friendly thought or memorable image/video with only befriended social connections ? Be updated with local community news, crime alerts and municipal updates ? Be connected with local social events and meetups for personal or business networking ? Look for a local business service or help-wanted ? Find a neighborly help to for a lost pet, classified give-away, quick electrical fix, professional help or anything you name it from a friendly neighborhood ? Or have their child under-13 socialize with other neighboring kids under parental watch Listing with local businesses, social meetups, community events, municipal updates, give-away classifieds, garage sales and more in a neighborhood, provides an ad-free privacy-first social network for everyone.
Member count: 1-10