MemoryBox - You are what you choose to remember.
Revolutionizes how we celebrate the lives of the ones we love A digital branding platform that revolutionizes how we celebrate the lives of the ones we love. We empower businesses (e.g. funeral homes, hospices, death doulas et al, plus veterinarians and pet stores, among others) to give their customers an easy way to memorialize loved ones?people and pets?and simplifies what is otherwise a frustratingly complicated process. FOR BUSINESSES: In an increasingly visual world, a text obituary is no longer the definitive record of life. Event-based life celebrations are increasingly being recorded in photos and video. But companies in the death care and pet industries have few ways to capitalize on these trends, and no memorialization offering currently fields an app ... except MemoryBox. FOR CONSUMERS: It?s not easy to digitize and share photos, videos and other media of lost loved ones captured and archived by multiple people on different PCs and mobile devices. MemoryBox lets everyone at the same event save pics back to one location AUTOMATICALLY.
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